Games by theme

Birthday treasure hunt and themed snack, child police investigation and escape room games

Our scavenger hunts and police investigations can be found under 3 different themes. Indeed, all our games are mixed but evolve in different worlds to respond adequately to the tastes and desires of each child !

Adventure theme birthday treasure hunt:

Kids have an overflowing imagination. They like to identify with heroes they see in books, movies and cartoons. Our treasure hunting kits birthday are a very playful medium for their imagination, and are also adapted to their intellectual development, with playful puzzle games in colorful and funny worlds.

All clues and games included in our children’s treasure hunt games have illustrations that match the chosen theme. As a result, it is very easy for them to project themselves into the treasure hunt, escape game or theme survey you have chosen.

Birthday treasure hunt “fantasy theme”:

Children between the ages of 4 and 12 have a highly developed imagination, but it tends to diminish with age.  Indeed, after 7 years, children become aware of reality and we need to stimulate this imagination. Our children’s treasure hunt games take this change into account. We have thus developed games adapted to the older ones, with enigmas and collective games that are fun and intelligent. These games correspond to their ability and require reflection.

Birthday tresor hunt “festive theme”:

The older ones will appreciate our detective adventure games for their riddles and stories. Indeed, from the age of 7, children can begin to make deductions, based on their ability to think. This is a great way to learn, and to develop your natural curiosity. At the age of the why, a need to understand this makes you feel. Police investigations are then very good ways to enrich natural capacities to think and ask the right questions.