General terms and conditions of sale

General terms and conditions of sale

These General terms and conditions of sale apply to orders placed on (English version of our website

The user undertakes to be aware of the following general terms and conditions of sale before any purchase on the site.

Price : The prices displayed on our website are in euros and are not subject to VAT. For information our VAT intracom number is : FR94823449194

Promotions can be applied to certain games at certain times of the year. The discount and the new price will be clearly indicated on the discounted product page.

Order & download: The products sold on our site are downloadable games for children in PDF format. Each product has no download limit after purchase. Orders are only made via the Internet. After purchase a download link of the game is to be retrieved from the customer area or in the email confirming the order. The games offered on our site require the presence and organizational assistance of an adult, and must be printed on a color printer for their proper functioning.

Downloading is the process of transmitting information (software, data, images, sounds, videos) via a transmission channel, usually the Internet. The buyer is invited to save the file on a hard disk to ensure its unlimited availability.

The buyer must be at least 18 years old at the time of purchase. Any browsing on the site by a minor is the responsibility of the buyer and his decision to give access to online content to a person under the legal age of majority.

Internet access and creation of a user account: The buyer is invited to check his internet access before validating his order to ensure that the file is received correctly.

For any order, the buyer can open a free account on the site. When validating his order, a link is sent to the address provided when the order is registered.

Shipping : We do not ship games by postal mail, digital files are to be retrieved by clicking on a link sent to the address provided when the order was placed, or on the purchase page after the order has been validated. The game obtained in digital format must be printed by the buyer. We do not offer a solution for printing digital games for sale.

Payment: Payment is made by credit card (visa, mastercard, credit card) or paypal. These two payment methods are secure and the buyer’s bank details remain confidential and not accessible by the seller. For payments via Paypal, an sms is sent to the buyer before the validation of the payment with a confirmation code for a higher level of security.

In the event of late payment, statutory flat-rate compensation for recovery costs: €40.00 Late payment penalty rate: application of the statutory rate in force

Invoicing : For any order, an invoice is available in PDF format on your user account in the “order” section. This invoice is nominative and reminds you of: the date of purchase, the price (not subject to VAT), the description of the item purchased, and the legislation in force concerning late payment.

Refund: The games offered are downloadable and usable immediately after purchase, therefore we do not offer a refund after the purchase of our products. Waiver of the right of withdrawal: The buyer waives his right of withdrawal on any digital content provided on an intangible medium, the execution of which has begun with the buyer’s agreement (validation of the order).

The buyer is invited to check the site’s FAQ, the comments of other users, as well as the images and descriptions of the product page before validating his purchase.

Warranty conditions : In the event of an error found on one of our games (errors on clues or mini-games making it impossible to complete the game), the buyer is invited to contact us within 30 days with the product reference and the page containing the error.

If the error is confirmed by our services, a solution will be found to compensate the buyer.

Contest games: All our contests on the social networks Twitter and facebook are totally free and any adult can participate. All our contest operations are neither organized nor sponsored by facebook. The name of the game (and how it works) is annotated in the publication made on social networks. The start and end dates and times of the competitions are explicitly described in the publication made on social networks. The number of prizes to be won, as well as the nature of the prizes, are clearly defined in each of our publications. The selection of winners is automated and managed by a platform. The treasure hunt offered is in the form of a promotional coupon, to be used directly

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