Birthday party: Which activities to choose ?

Birthday party games
It is not always easy to find activities that can really keep children busy at a children’s birthday party. Indeed, children do not always have the same interests and the most difficult task is to keep their attention busy long enough so that they do not get too impatient. For this very reason, it is necessary to find an activity that suits them, such as a child scavenger hunt or a survey game.

The beginning of the birthday party

At a children’s birthday party, it is important to welcome the children properly. First, you have to put them at ease by telling them a little story. The history of the treasure hunt can have various themes, do not hesitate to use your imagination. It is important to organize the places, with large spaces if possible and explain the few instructions planned for the day to the children. The children as soon as they arrive will surely be very excited, also remember to offer drinks from the start with name cups that they will keep in the precise place you indicated to them when they arrive.

Start the birthday party with quiet activities

It is also necessary to know how to alternate quiet activities with physical challenges to avoid boredom. For quiet activities, creative games such as a make-up or craft workshop should be provided. This will help to connect those who do not know each other and create a good general atmosphere among all children, even if they are not of the same age. All activities must correspond to the chosen themes so that the children’s birthday party is always consistent. To ensure that all children are properly made up, it may be necessary to use a make-up artist. Angling or table decoration can also be interesting for children. These activities can be integrated into a child’s treasure hunt and alternated with other games.

What physical challenges to expect

Physical challenges should be planned for a child’s birthday party to keep children from getting bored. Among the physical games you have a wide choice of birthday activities to offer. There is the obstacle course, the motor course, the dancing games (musical chairs, musical statue, etc…) as well as the small competitions. The children’s treasure hunt is also one of the children’s favourite birthday games, you can prepare it yourself with a little organization.

It consists of hiding a treasure and creating a path to find it. To do this, clues and hiding places must be provided to allow children to find the treasure. In this activity, children will have to play together to find the hidden treasure. The tests and puzzles must be chosen according to the age of the children. They should not be too complicated or too simple to keep children’s attention, as children can give up very quickly if the challenges are too complicated. However, if they are too simple, participants may get bored.

For the older ones, physical challenges such as courses, balloon games or running will be very popular. The spirit of competition can be included in birthday games but it is advisable to do so in teams to maintain group cohesion throughout the afternoon. For example, some games inspired by the universe of Koh Lanta and Fort Boyard give pride of place to this holy spirit of team competition.

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