Escape Room Party for Kids at home

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If you want to offer your child an original birthday party, why not offer an escape room party for kids at home? Discover our printable escape game kits, based on the concept of escape room games, they allow you to organize an escape game at home without any necessary equipment!

What is an escape game?

Escape room parties : a trend

More and more popular, the escape room or “escape game” is still a recent phenomenon. However, many people have already tried this new type of game. These adventure games are for many a very nice way to combine fun, reflection and action. Indeed, for a few years in France, this escape room fashion has become unavoidable. But then, what does an escape room game consist of, and why does this concept appeal so much?

How to play an escape room party kit?

Game rules

The goal of this escape room party for kids is to get out of a room or a place where you are locked up in less than 60 minutes. To achieve this, you will have clues throughout the game to help you progress. The rest is up to your sense of deduction and your ability to solve puzzles of varying difficulty.

A playful print an play game for kids

These games are mostly composed of cards, clues and envelopes labeled “top secret”, although all the printables have very detailed illustrations to put your kids in the mood of the chosen scenario. These games are a derivative of the well-known “murder party” genre.

A murder party, very popular in England, is a game where the guests of your party will all have a role to play in an exciting investigation scenario. During the evening, the game master animates his guests and helps them to lead the investigation, until the announcement of the culprit.

Discover our concept of printable escape room party for kids !

What’s different with our printable escape game party kits?

Our escape games are different because they can indeed be played at home. Children will be able to search for clues by moving around in different places, while solving riddles. Our stories are very imaginative and although the level of the riddles remains medium to please most people, they are no less fun and intelligent.

Here, there are no impossible puzzle to be solved, just the pleasure of playing and the assurance of 100% success, essential for anniversary events and to keep the enthusiasm of participants until the end.
family escape game

What’s included?


  • 1 story to tell
  • 1 organizer’s guide
  • Birthday party’s invitations
  • 12 clues to cut out
  • 3 minigames (puzzles, riddles, brain teasers,etc.)
  • 10 puzzle cards
  • 10 solution cards
  • 1 game notebook
  • 1 Mystery Envelope
  •  Certificates (Boys & Girls)

Bonus: You will receive optional printable accessories with the game kit (in separate download)

What do you think of our concept of escape room party kits at home?

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