Top 5 Games for a Birthday Party

top 5 activities for kids at a birthday party

Here are some examples of games for birthday party, easy to organize for a successful birthday! They are games that always work very well with young children but also with older children. The difficulty can be adapted.

1) The musical statue

One of the games for a birthday party to organize is the musical statue. In a room of the house or the garden, start the music by asking the participants to move around the room (dancing or walking) until the music stops. They should then freeze for a few seconds. If some of them move, when the music starts again they will have a funny little token, such as: dancing on one foot, jumping like a frog, doing a freestyle, dancing a famous dance, dancing while holding the hand of a friend, moving with their hands up, etc…

For the little ones : After a few rounds of play, you can declare all the participants winnersFor the older ones: Organize a tournament with two teams (this promotes team spirit) or propose a simple elimination system – if the player moves again while the music stops after his first token, he is eliminated.

2) Find the intruder

In a room in the house or garden, ask participants to move around while observing each other closely. While they are looking at each other, start offering clues.

The intruder has black hair, the intruder is a girl, the intruder is wearing a T-shirt, the intruder is wearing pants, etc. After a few clues the participants will eventually find the intruder, and the game can start again. Each time the intruder is found, the children will have to gently grab the intruder and say “Hands up!

3) I tell the story!

Ask the children to stand in a circle. Explain to them that the goal of the game is to make up a funny story. The story starts with you. Tell the beginning of a fairy tale story, and ask the first participant to tell the rest of the story.always start with once upon a time…and then follow up with whatever comes to mind. A witch, a unicorn, a princess, an enchanted wood, etc…

printable game for kids birthday

If the children are having a little trouble, feel free to help them with transitional key words. And suddenly a bad wolf, but while the princess, and suddenly an ogre, etc…This game brings a lot of fun to the house! And you’ll be surprised at how imaginative some people can be sometimes.

4) The detective game

A little detective game always pleases the children, this one is less complex than a police investigation, but it has a small effect. Propose to the children to look at 5 to 10 objects placed on a table, when they have memorized the objects well ask one of the detectives to come out.

police mystery for kids

Remove an object and ask them to come back. He must then find the missing object. A variation of this game can be to discover an object through a cloth bag without looking, or to find condiments by touch or smell, taking care beforehand, to put them in non-transparent boxes, or by blindfolding the participants.

5) The spy game

The spy game is the only game on the list that requires equipment, but it is simple. All you need is a rope or string. Before starting the game, install the string in your living room, or in a hallway, or whatever. You can wrap the rope around the furniture if you don’t have a fastening system. The idea is to reproduce an anti-theft laser effect, which the little spies will have to step over to succeed in the game.

They can also go under the rope. The goal is not to touch the rope and to succeed in retrieving a treasure (a simple toy as treasure will be enough). They will thus have to make the course on the outward journey, but also on the return journey. To make the game more fun, you can hang bells on the rope, or time the participants!
It’s up to you!
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