Organize an Astronaut Treasure Hunt for Kids

printable astronaut treasure hunt

Lacking an idea for a birthday theme? Here is our astronaut treasure hunt that will send your child and his little friends into a wonderful story among the stars, the planets and our vast space! Ready for launch?

3, 2, 1, Takeoff! The mission cosmos is about to begin!

An astronaut treasure hunt: a great idea for a birthday game!

Children have always been amazed by space, rockets, stars and our beautiful universe. Indeed, they all wish one day or another to become an astronaut, to travel in space or even to land on the moon!

print and play treasure hunt for kids
printable astronaut treasure hunt for kids

What could be better than an astronaut treasure hunt to entertain a bunch of kids for a whole afternoon. Then it’s time to head off to an unknown and mysterious planet to introduce you to our game!

Be ready, take off !!!

The story

27 June 3127 – The mission is about to begin. The astronauts chosen for this perilous adventure in space must immediately embark on their space ship. Indeed, following initial research in space, an intergalactic treasure was spottedon an yet unknown planet!

This is an adventure full of twists and turns that awaits all the little explorers. Indeed this astronaut treasure hunt will take them on a quest for intergalactic treasure. Moreover, they will make several surprising encounters in a distant and unknown galaxy.

What’s included in this astronaut treasure hunt for kids?

In this treasure hunt, get ready for a fantastic adventure in space. Your mission? Find a treasure hidden somewhere in a galaxy far far away! Beware, the mission might end up being more difficult that you think. But we have not doubt you’ll succeed in this incredible intergalactic adventure!

Content of the astronaut treasure hunt for chidren

  • 1 story to set the scene
  • 1 organizer’s guide
  • Birthday party invitations
  • 2 group challenges
  • 10 clues to cut out
  • 3 minigames (mazes, puzzles, riddles, brain teasers,etc….)
  • 1 treasure sheet
  • Game pieces for the challenges
  • 1 space outlaw poster
  • Treasure hunter certificates (Boy & Girl)

Optional material received with this print and play space game kit (in separate download) can be provided for the animation of the treasure hunt.

  • Space outlaw cards
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