How to organize an escape game at home?

how to organize an escape room at home

Do you like escape game games? Have you ever wanted to organize an escape game at home? Discover on our website a concept of a simple, fun and quick game kit to set up for your children and yourself, and let the escape game enter your home !

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An escape game at home

Our escape game printable games are different because they can be played at home. Children will be able to search for clues by moving around different places in the house, while solving puzzles. Our stories are based on imagination and although the degree of the enigmas remains average to please the greatest number of people, they are no less playful and intelligent. Here no impossible trap to solve, just the pleasure of playing and an assurance of 100% success. This is essential for the anniversary events and to keep the enthusiasm of the participants up to the end.

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How does it work ?

The Organizing Guide

An escape game kit contains between 24 and 25 pages to print. Inside the kit you will find a 5-page organizing guide to familiarize yourself with the principle of animation. As an organizer you will be the time of the adventure, the playmaker. This implies an active participation on your part. Be reassured that all the solutions to the puzzles are given to you in the guide, so there are no unpleasant surprises! Our kits have been created to be able to organize an escape game at home, even if you are not used to group animation.

The contents of the escape game kit

  • The envelope: prepare the mystery envelope and insert puzzle A inside.
  • The logbook: cut out and give the logbook to the participants. They can store their “puzzle” and “solution” cards collected during the game.
  • 10 “Enigma” cards: give them to the participants as soon as you are asked to do so on a clue card.
  • 10 “Solution” cards: give them to the participants to check the solution of some puzzles.
  • 12 “Index” cards: cut out and hide all the “index” cards according to the indications in the table of hiding places (next page), except for index n°0 which is to be given at the beginning of the adventure!
  • Escape games: the 3 escape games are to be offered during the escape game. All you have to do is follow the instructions annotated on the indices. Print as many copies of mini-games as participants!
  • Diplomas & invitations: print several templates and add the names of the participants. Add your address and contacts for invitations.
children secret agent diploma

Also discover all our other treasure hunt and detective adventures kits in our shop !

printable treasure hunt

Are you ready to start animating an escape game at home ?

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