Detective mystery for kids: fun to play and solve!

police mystery for kids

Detective mystery kits for kids are games that are very popular with children. They highlight several aspects that are useful for the child’s good development and learning. Indeed, the enigmas, or brainteasers, call for everyone’s curiosity. But also in the sense of deduction, and in the desire for adventure that children have in them. What do we find in our police mystery adventures?

Fun and attractive detective mystery for kids

It all starts with a story, a robbery has been committed and several small detectives have been selected to solve an investigation. The starting point is to obtain a clue (n°0) that will allow the investigators to move around the house, in order to conduct the investigation and discover the thief.

With a particular attention to detail, our detective mysteries for kids contain illustrations to bring a very playful and visual side to the investigation. There are 10 clues, and several brain teasers and fun games in total that lead to the final goal, the arrest of the thief.

Illustrated suspects for a great detective mystery!

Our printable police mystery sets include an organizing guide for the preparation and installation of the game. The preparation is done in 20-30 minutes, this takes into account the reading of the guide, the breakdown of the clues, and the organization for the choice of hiding places.

Children will have to discover among 8 suspects who is guilty! They will have sometimes to be question to be cleared, or evidence find to be sure of the culprit.

police mystery for children

Detective diplomas, birthday invitation cards, et detective badges are included in all our adventure game kits!

detective diploma for kids

Fun to play and solve!

Throughout the investigation game, children will have to think at who did it by discovering clues, collecting testimonies, and deciphering riddles. Also, Each pack contains a lot of different activities. The game lasts on average 60 minutes depending on the number of participants.

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