How to organize a princess themed treasure hunt at home?

printable princess scavanger hunt

This week, we’re putting princesses and their brave knight friends in the spotlight. So how to organize a princess themed treasure hunt at home? You might find the answer just here! Discover today our printable treasure hunt on the theme of princesses and knights. As you maybe already know, all our games are original creations, which help to develop in a playful way the imagination of children, but also their sense of deduction. Indeed, police investigations for kids, escape room for kids, or treasure hunts are a great way to entertain your kids for a fun activity at home or a bithday party.

Dicover how to organize a princess themed treasure hunt at home

The Treasure of the Great Kingdom for Princesses and Knight friends!

Organize a princess themed treasure at home for a birthday party becomes very easily with our printable “ready to play” game kits for kids.

The princess treasure hunt

In the Great Kingdom, an event as surprising as it is terrible has just occurred. The well-kept treasure of Princesses Tara, Lila, and Mina has just disappeared! Someone seems to have taken advantage of the castle’s
party to steal the Great Kingdom’s treasure chest. This chest contains many precious gems, as well as all of the princesses’ jewelry. A treasure hunt is in order!

A princess treasure hunt for girls aged 4 to 6 years old

print and play princess treasure hunt

Experience a great adventure with our printable princess treasure hunt for a birthday party or a fun family acitivity. Indeed, discover now our “Print & Play” game kit for kids, and organise easily a playful activity full of fun, games, and challenges!

print and play princess themed treasure hunt

A princess treasure hunt for girls aged 7 to10 years old

printable princess diploma for birthday party
princess birthday activity game

In this printable princess treasure hunt kit is included:

Who are we? is an original concept of treasure hunts, police investigations, and escape games for children between 4 and 12 years old.

Our kits are indeed “Print & Play” games, ready to download in PDF format. One of our entertainment kit allows you to organize and run a treasure hunt, a police investigation, or and game of escape room at home. And this is without too much difficulty since everything is provided for the greatest pleasure of the children!

The set up is easy and simple,and you can also adapt our games according to your wishes:

  • Organization of a birthday party with a theme (Pirates, Cowboys, Knights, Princesses, Fairies)
  • Organizing of fun family game for special events (e.g.: Halloween, Christmas, Easter)

But please also bear in mind that all of our games work even if only one child participates!

Our scavenger hunts are divided into two age categories, 4/6 years and 7/10 years. Several themes are available, and correspond to the children’s expectations. Our catalogue is updated regularly with new themes, we also provide many games to download for free.

Our downloadable products are available as soon as your order is validated on the confirmed purchase page. However, you will also be able to retrieve your download upon receipt of the confirmation email, or on your user account!

The files are downloaded in PDF format and are “print and play” games. However, you can save your purchase on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Finally, please note that all our games have illimited downloads.

Dont hesitate to contact us at to learn more about our concept of print and play games for kids!

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