Indoor and outdoor birthday games

indoor birthday party games for kids

To organize a kid’s party, you need to plan indoor and outdoor birthday games. This will give structure to the party and keep the children busy throughout the day. To help you, here are some ideas for birthday games.

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Indoor birthday games

For a successful birthday party, you need to plan both indoor and outdoor games & activities. This helps to keep the party structured and calm. If your child was born in the winter or if you don’t have a backyard where you can host a birthday party, don’t worry, there are plenty of birthday games that can be organized indoors. For young children, you can offer them the game of mole and grasshopper.

Mole & Grasshopper game

The game is based on the fact that the mole is short-sighted, so it has trouble seeing. The first player will be blindfolded and will be the mole. The other player will be the grasshopper and will have his ankles tied with a rope or a scarf. The mole has to catch the grasshopper with only the sound of the grasshopper’s jumps to guide him. The grasshopper must therefore remain silent while jumping, and may stop, duck, crawl or roll as the mole approaches it. There may also be several grasshoppers and one mole. Once the grasshopper gets caught, it can become a mole. And so the mole can become a grasshopper!

Reverse Hide & Seek for kids

In this hide-and-seek game only one person is hiding, so all the other players have to look for him. The goal of the game is to find the hidden person but blindfolded (without blindfold for the smallest in variation). When one of the players finds the other player, he doesn’t say so, but hides with him.

Therefore, the number of children decreases as the game goes on. The children must stay in the same hiding place as the first one. After a while, it will become easier to find the other children all hidden in the same place. The child who is the last to find all the other players will be the one who has the right to hide!

Princess Prisoner

The goal of this game is to free a princess prisoner, not in a tower, but on a chair. Indeed, here one of the players will be chosen to represent a princess in danger. This player will be tied to the chair in the following way: hands tied behind the chair, and each foot tied to a leg of the chair (the two front legs). One knot is enough, it must be fairly tight (no double knots except to make the game more difficult).

To guard the princess, a fierce dragon is personified by one player in turn. He will have the role of defender of the tower, and he will have to try to hit anyone who comes near the princess. Finally, the valiant knights (all the other players) will stand in a semicircle in front of the princess and the dragon (within a perimeter of 1 to 2 meters). The leader will then ask a player-knight to try to untie the knots of the princess, if he is hit by the dragon he must leave and another player takes his place.

If he has untied at least one knot the dragon cannot do it again. Important: The dragon cannot run. It must always touch either the chair or the princess. Once the princess is free, another player can take her place!

Outdoor birthday games

If the weather permits and you have a large enough garden, it is best to hold the birthday party outside. For the activities, the children can play hopscotch or open hunt. There are several birthday games that can be played outdoors, such as the treasure hunt. This game can be played indoors as well as outdoors.

To make it a success, you need to have a short story to start with, puzzles and hiding places. If you lack inspiration, there are several scavenger hunts that you can print out online. Nevertheless, you can organize a treasure hunt yourself by choosing your own theme.

printable game for kids birthday

A detective adventure can also be a great activity to keep kids busy during a birthday party. It consists of solving puzzles and finding the suspect of a specific event such as a crime or a robbery.It should be remembered that the main purpose of a birthday party is to allow the children to have fun. For this reason, it is necessary to find games and activities to animate them throughout the party.

Now you know more about indoor & outdoor birthday games, but don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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