Birthday Pirate Treasure Hunt Kit

This month we highlight on our site the birthday pirate treasure hunt. Indeed, for children from 7 years old to 10 years old, this printable game is the ideal solution for a fun & playful birthday. With our complete birthday pirate treasure hunt kit, you can easily organize a birthday party on the theme of pirates. Moreover, as the theme is mixed, it will work just as well for a girl as for a boy! A successful theme birthday with turnkey animation kits!

Organize yourself a treasure hunt

Our concept

First of all, a little reminder of our concept. We offer complete birthday kits to download & print directly from our website. In addition, please note that in all our kits, you will find a treasure hunt activation.

scavanger hunt for kids pirate

This activity includes a guide, games, riddles, group game ideas, and finally certificates. The birthday pirate treasure hunt is what children like most for a birthday party. Indeed, this type of game works perfectly for a group because a treasure hunt allows children to have fun together.

It also allows them to let their imagination take them on great adventures, of which only they have the secret! However, even though a treasure hunt is an ideal activity for a birthday party, it still requires organization and time. This is why our concept is to allow you to have fun without having to engage in the sometimes complex creation of a hunting game.

A print & play birthday pirate treasure hunt

Indeed, all our pirate treasure hunt kits are designed with the sole purpose of allowing you to prepare a treasure hunt in just 20 minutes! That’s why we offer complete products with :

  • A story to tell
  • An organizer’s guide (with a table to write down the chosen hiding places)
  • 10 clues to cut out
  • 3/4 games and puzzles
  • 2 group challenges
  • Birthday invitations
  • Boy and girl pirate’s certificate
police mystery for kids

Please note: The treasure hunt comes in a 16-page pdf file to print from home, with no download limit!

The pirate treasure hunt kit

A birthday pirate treasure hunt for all ages

This month we highlight our birthday pirate treasure hunt. Here, children will be in the shoes of our character, Captain Brownbeard!

For the 4 to 6 years old we adapt the treasure hunt with images to of different places in your house to stick to the game sheets.

For 7 to 10 years old we adapt the treasure hunt with games of an average level, and choose group challenges that appeal to the imagination!

The birthday pirate treasure hunt story

“Dear Captain Brownbeard, I have very bad news for you. A terrible event has just occurred. Indeed, the terrible pirate Jane “Fearless” has just stolen all your treasure!

Well yes, while you were sleeping peacefully on your ship, Jane Fearless took advantage of your deep sleep to steal all the gold you were hiding under your bed! Arfff!

Don’t waste a second and go searching for clues to find your gold. But be careful. In this adventure, you’ll have to be brave to face Jane “Fearless” and her band of pirates.

If you feel like a pirate soul, there are plenty of surprises waiting for you, as well as missions that will require you to be strong and logical! To finish, don’t hesitate to claim your treasure, there is no mercy among pirates!”

pirate scavanger hunt for kids

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It’s time to play!

treasure hunt for kids in french

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