How do you keep the kids entertained during the Christmas holidays?

christmas activities ideas for kids

It’s the end of the year, time for family time! To keep the kids entertained this Christmas, make some cute crafts with your kids. Here are 5 Christmas decorating ideas to keep kids and adults entertained. The magic of the holidays can finally begin!

Make a paper Christmas tree to entertain the kids during Christmas

Whether you draw it on an A4 sheet, cut it out of green colored paper or paint it on a large sheet of paper for a bigger effect, your child will be able to decorate this beautiful tree with ease. A few baubles, some pretty garlands and that’s it!

make a paper christmas tree with your kids

To entertain children during the Christmas holidays, don’t hesitate! Confetti, stickers, colored pompons, glitter, paint… Choose to decorate your Christmas tree the way you want! This work of art can then be hung on the wall or become a nice gift to put under the tree.

Make a cute snowman

This seemingly simple craft can help your child develop motor skills. You can create a cute greeting card or just have fun making a cute snowman. No pressure during the holiday season!

While toddlers can decorate the snowman with absorbent cotton, older children can learn to use scissors. Two rounds cut from white paper are all you need to create the snowman silhouette.

Create a beautiful Christmas village

If you have time during the vacation season, take the opportunity to create a Christmas village right at home! A simple nativity scene may be appropriate for some, while a snowy village may appeal to others. And don’t forget the lights!

Create a beautiful Christmas village

Make your DIY before Christmas Eve and show off to your guests. Train, carousel, funfair, elf village with Santa’s house, you choose the theme you like. A few cardboard boxes, golden decorations, simple garlands and a few magical ideas could be all you need to make your project a success.

Make a cardboard Santa

Santa will surely be happy to see a Christmas ornament made in his likeness. If you tie a string to Santa’s hat, you can then place him on a branch of your tree like a pretty Christmas ball.

To create this craft, you will need a roll of toilet paper, red paper, white paper, glue, scissors and a black marker. Colored pencils will also help with the project.

Bake some treats with your family

During the holiday season, the whole family is together. Why not take the opportunity to do a little cooking? Following the shortbread recipe, you can make cookies in the shape of Christmas trees, reindeer, stars… You decide!

Bake some treats with your family

Gingerbread, hot chocolates with marshmallows, Yule log, appetizing cakes, many recipes can also be made during the Christmas vacations. It’s time for the greediest to enjoy them.
Organize a Christmas treasure hunt!

If you’re short on time to organize your Christmas activities, why not try our Christmas Escape Room kit!

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Happy Holidays!

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