How to get kids to love reading?

How to make children to enjoy reading

With the advent of screens, video games, series and cartoons … hard, hard to get kids to love reading! And yet reading a book or a comic book allows them to work their imagination, to develop their vocabulary, their memory, their writing, their language… In short, reading is an essential activity for the development of our children! But we also know that it can be a challenge to make children love reading!

That’s why today we’re sharing our tips and advice on how to bring the magic of books into your home!

Getting children to love reading: Our tips!

There is no age to become a reading enthusiast! Remember when you were a child, the stories your parents or grandparents told you before going to sleep… filled with magic, advice and values! Remember the little prince, Grimm’s or Anderson’s tales! Those little moments of calm where dreams fill our imagination! Instilling a love of reading starts with little rituals!

greek gods detective game for kids

One Night, One Story!

As soon as children know how to read, we tend to give up on the evening story. And that’s a shame! Indeed, reading a book before going to sleep allows them to relax, but especially to develop their concentration.

read bedtime story to kids

This reading routine will become part of his daily routine and it is possible that he will keep it as he grows up. On the other hand, you must let him choose the book, the story or the comic strip. Don’t impose your tastes on him, he must like the book in order to arouse his curiosity!
the evening story an important moment

Make his imagination work through reading!

There are several ways to encourage him to read. You can ask him to rewrite the end of the book for example. The challenge is to finish it and tell you an alternative ending!

Encouraging your children to write a story is also a good way to get them to enjoy reading. It allows them to develop their language, vocabulary, writing skills… and of course their imagination! Then ask him to read his story to you to motivate him to finish it!

Take him to the library!

Yes, you read that right! You may be thinking of a more fun place for a Wednesday afternoon? But the library will allow him to choose and discover new books or comics. He will be able to try new literary experiences and refine his reading preferences.

take your child to the library

You can also choose books for yourself! Mimicry always works on children. If you show them that you also enjoy reading, they will become even more interested in this activity.

And what if you don’t like to read? Don’t worry, we have some advice for parents who are not happy with reading 😉

When reading becomes a fun activity!

Getting your kids to love reading, without it being your favorite activity can be a real challenge! By setting up fun games, the whole family can have fun with words!

We’ve put together a small selection of activities for you to enjoy, both young and old:

The reading challenge: Get together as a family and challenge each other! For example, read with a marshmallow in your mouth, without pronouncing the vowels, or by taking a different voice (robots, high or low …) Fun guaranteed!

Role play: take a play or ask your children to write one. All you have to do is distribute the roles and get into the actor’s skin! Board games, especially the “I help my child to love reading” set. Fun and playful, it includes a dozen activities, such as the game “Once upon a time”. Children have to invent a story using dice to guide them.

And just between us, there’s no need to ask your child to read great literature! Comic books such as are also very good choices to make them want to read! The main thing is that it never becomes a constraint, reading should remain a pleasure for your children 😉

treasure hunt for kids

Also discover our detective investigations and escape rooms to organize great animations filled with magical adventures!

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