How to organize a Harry Potter Escape Room at home?

How to organize a Harry Potter Escape Room

Organize a Harry Potter escape room game can be an exciting and fun experience for fans of the saga of the famous wizard with the legendary scar. Find out how to host a Harry Potter escape game at home by following these few steps, with simple ideas and tips for creating your own Harry Potter escape game!

Designing the plot to organize a Harry Potter escape room

First of all you will have to think about the plot of the escape game. It can be a mission to save a character or a storyline from one of the movies. To begin with, make sure the story is interesting enough to keep the players on the edge of their seats throughout the escape game.

The players are students at Hogwarts and have been chosen by the principal to carry out an important mission. A dangerous wizard has stolen a very powerful magical artifact and plans to use it to wreak havoc on the wizarding world. The players must find the artifact before the evil wizard gets it.

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Players must solve puzzles to discover clues hidden in the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher’s classroom, the Hogwarts library, the common room of their house and the Forbidden Forest.

Create the puzzles to organize a Harry Potter escape room!

Harry Potter puzzles and games

Puzzles are the key element of any escape game. So think carefully about puzzles and games that are related to the world of Harry Potter. For example, you can create a puzzle that involves finding the code to the door through instructions in a potions book.

  • Potion Riddle: Players must make a potion to open a locked door. They will need to find the ingredients hidden in the potions teacher’s classroom and follow the instructions in a potions book.
  • Spell Riddle: Players must cast a spell to unlock a safe that contains an important clue. They must find a wand hidden in the common room of their house and recite the spell correctly.
  • Maze Puzzle: Players must navigate through a magical maze to find a hidden object. The maze can be designed with physical objects such as ribbons or ropes, or players can use a virtual maze on a screen.
  • Puzzle Riddle: Players must solve a puzzle to find a hidden clue. You can create a custom puzzle with a Harry Potter-related image or design.
  • Riddle: Players must answer a series of riddles to find a password to unlock a door or safe. The riddles can be about elements of the Harry Potter universe such as spells, characters or locations.
  • Coding Riddle: Players must decode a secret message using a substitution code or cipher. The message may contain an important clue to solve another puzzle.

Difficulty level

Also remember that the puzzles should be difficult enough to be interesting, but not too difficult to solve. It is also important to create a variety of puzzles to keep the players interested throughout the escape game.

Create the characters

To make the escape game more immersive, you can create characters that will be present throughout the story. These characters can be played by friends or family members who will dress up for the occasion.

By following these steps, you should be able to create a fun and exciting Harry Potter escape game for you and your friends. And don’t forget to take pictures to immortalize this magical moment!

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