Scavenger Hunt for kids: Important fun challenges for children!

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The different steps in a scavenger hunt for kids are something essential to find the hidden treasure. This type of game is very popular with children who like to embark on mysterious adventures that bring them joy. It is also an opportunity to learn and ask new questions and discover new horizons.

Where does the treasure hunt take place?

The treasure hunt can be played in the house or outside, but it depends on the age of the children who will participate in the game.

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For children under 8 years old: it is preferable to organize the game in the house or in your garden, it allows to keep the children in a closed and secure space and easily controllable. For children over 9 years old: in this case, you can organize the game in a larger space outside (in a park or in a public place).

How to imagine the steps to discover the treasure?

The search for a treasure should not be random, it should follow a certain logic with a certain number of steps. It is also possible to use tracks with directional clues that lead them to the location of the treasure. It is also important to tell the children the story and explain to them exactly what it is about.

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What are the possible trails for a treasure hunt?

You can use multiple trails for the children to find the different challenges. Again, the choice of trails depends on the age of the children. For younger children, you can use a puzzle, a simple riddle or a picture that shows the way. For older children, you can use more complicated riddles, deciphering a message, more difficult puzzles. It is best to arrange the tasks in order of increasing difficulty, with the final task being the most difficult.

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What are the different types of challenges in a treasure hunt?

There are a multitude of tasks that you can use: balance tasks, search tasks, creative tasks, musical tasks, etc. It is up to you to invent the tasks that you want, the important thing is to follow the steps in order to reach the treasure. In the last step, the children have to find the treasure that could be hidden in a box or a chest. It can be filled with candy, sweets, chocolates, etc. Try to reward even the team that did not win.

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