How to keep children away from screens?

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Netflix, Disney +, Amazon prime, video games, smartphones and tablets have invaded our homes. Our children are addicted to them, just like us! So how do we set an example and keep children away from screens? We reveal here 6 tips to free and occupy your children without resorting to new technologies!

To keep children away from screens: Cook together !

Mealtime is approaching, so take advantage of this opportunity to turn your child into a little cook! Prepare his favorite cake or dish. Discovering the flavors and dipping their hands in the pie dough will always be a memory.

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Have fun and make him responsible, he’ll gain confidence and forget about his video game for a while!

Awaken his artistic side

Whether it is to awaken him to music, drawing or making decorative objects, there is no shortage of artistic and manual activities to keep children away from screens!

get a child to like music

Don’t hesitate to take time with him to dance, sing, create and have fun. Ask him to draw a picture for you, play a piece of music or create the next gift for his grandmother. You’ll bring out the artist in him!

Dust off the board games

Share a moment with your family around essential board games, there is something for everyone! A good old Monopoly, Times up for mime experts, Cluedo for budding detectives, trivial pursuit to develop general knowledge… You’ve understood the possibilities are multiple! So, leave the TV and the screens, keep the popcorn and have fun with your family!

Introduce him to reading

Introducing your children to reading is also a good way to keep them away from screens. Indeed, a story, a comic book, a manga allow them to develop their imagination, awaken their curiosity and enrich their vocabulary. The icing on the cake is that reading a book improves sleep!

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Swapping his tablet for a book before going to bed allows a return to calm and soothing before falling into the arms of Morpheus!

Encourage him to practice a sport

Enroll him in an extracurricular sport that will allow him to exercise and have a social life. In fact, to keep children away from screens, you must also make them want to exercise and see their friends outside.

Organize sports and fun outings, there are all kinds of parks that allow children to have fun and expend their energy.

Organize treasure hunts or escape games

In an apartment or in a house, you can organize a treasure hunt or an escape game.

For a playful and funny moment in family, do not hesitate to plunge in the universe of the game with costumes and decorations!
So for a few hours, little and big children will be able to get away from the screens!

And don’t forget, screens for children are not more than 2 hours a day!

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