Princess themed coloring kits: discover fun and creative games!

printable princess activity for kid birthday

Lockdowns, vacations, school breaks… Are you all out of ideas to occupy your little ones? Don’t worry, we’re here to help keep your kids entertained while you work from home. We’ve selected some fun and playful activities for you: princess themed coloring kits, mini-games and scavenger hunts! Let’s dive into the wonderful world of princesses.

Printable, princess themed coloring pages and game kits

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a Disney princess! Just look at the wonder in the eyes of little girls in front of the TV, as they imagine themselves in pretty dresses, living beautiful and exciting adventures with their very own Prince Charming. It’s a tale as old as time!

print and play princess treasure hunt
free princess color sheet

Princesses and coloring: A sure hit for little girls!

To keep your little ones busy over break, we offer free princess coloring kits that can be printed to your heart’s content! They’ll be able to color the dresses their favorite color, let their imagination run wild and invent a fairy tale where they’re the star!

Plus, it’s a quick and easy activity: all you need is paper, colored pencils or markers and you’re good to go.

Fun activities and mini-games around princesses

And to make the activity educational and fun, offer your kids math games and mazes. They’re a perfect way to entertain while also teaching them about counting and logic.
And for the kids who crave adventure, check out our princess themed scavenger hunts!

Let the magic in with a treasure hunt!

Finally, it’s time to share an activity with the family and leave the screens alone.
Organize a princess themed treasure hunt… and invite your little princes too! All our games are great for boys and girls alike, so the whole family can participate.

print and play superhero party kit
knight scavenger hunt for kids

Experience life-size adventure stories that will make the young and old dream!
And don’t hesitate to play dress up: your children will be delighted to put on costumes to go in search of the stolen treasure! Riddles, investigations, mini-games… we’ve got everything to give you a thrilling fairy tale at home.

Now you know more about indoor & outdoor birthday games, but don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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Escape Room Party Kit – Mystery at the Ghostly Manor (7-9 years old)

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