Children and screens: How to keep them away?

get kids away from screens

Netflix, Disney +, Amazon prime, video games, smartphones and tablets have invaded our homes. Our kids are addicted to them, just like us! So how do we set an example and keep them away from all these screens? Read on for 6 tech-free activities to occupy your children!

Cook together!

Meal prep is a great family bonding experience, so take advantage of this opportunity to turn your child into a little chef! Prepare a favorite dish together: discovering the flavors and working with their hands will make lasting memories.

Have fun and give them a little responsibility: they’ll gain confidence and forget about their video games for awhile!

Cooking with your kids

Awaken their artistic side

Whether you want to awaken your children to music, drawing or crafting, there are plenty of artistic avenues to explore!

Don’t hesitate to take time to dance, sing, create and have fun together. Ask them to draw a picture for you, play a piece of music or make a gift for their grandmother. You’ll bring out the artist in no time!

dance game to play with your kids

Dust off the board games

Take a moment with your family to explore some board games, there’s something for everyone! Monopoly’s a classic, Pictionary’s an old favorite, Cluedo is great for budding detectives, and Trivial Pursuit helps develop general knowledge… the possibilities are endless! So leave the TV off, make some popcorn and have fun with the whole family!

play family boards games with kids

Introduce them to reading

Introducing your children to reading is also a good way to keep them away from screens. Whether it’s a short story, comic book, or manga, reading helps them develop their imagination, awaken their curiosity and enrich their vocabulary. The icing on the cake is that reading a book improves sleep!

Swapping their tablet for a book before bed helps promote calmness and relaxation, so they’ll drift off in no time!

Encourage them to pick up a sport

Enroll them in an extracurricular activity that will keep them active and introduce them to new faces. Wanting to exercise and hang out with their friends outside is sure to help keep their screen time low.

Organize sports and outdoor playdates – there are all sorts of parks with playgrounds for children to have fun and expend their energy.

Organize treasure hunts or escape games

In an apartment or house, you can easily organize a treasure hunt or escape game.
For a fun and entertaining time with your family, dive into the world of games with costumes and decorations!
For a few hours, little and big kids alike can get away from the screens!

And don’t forget, try to keep your children’s screen time to no more than 2 hours a day!

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