Printable Games to Keep Kids Busy

free printables to keep kids busy

What to do to occupy the children at home during the vacations? At we offer you new ideas to entertain your children for a while with fun and free printable games. These game ideas are for both kindergarten and primary school children. Each game to print on our site is also free (except for the treasure hunts, escape games & police investigations) and aims to learn and entertain in a very fun way.

Here are some ideas for games to print for children:

free night labyrinth for kids
free princess color sheet

Our other printable games

If you like our selection, don’t hesitate to visit our other pages of “games to print”. Moreover, we regularly put new products online. So if you like our activities, subscribe and join our growing community! We are indeed present on most social networks, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. If you are interested in our games for birthdays, or if you want to know how to prepare a themed birthday party, you will indeed find all the necessary information to organize a birthday party on our blog. We also offer ideas for group activities, and many other tips to make this day perfect!

Treasure hunts & investigations !

Visit our treasure hunts and investigations store for turnkey birthday party planning. We offer many themes and age categories.

printable game for kids birthday

Our Print & Play games also come ready to download in PDF format. The entertainment kits available at entertainment let you organize and as weel as run a treasure hunt, a police investigation, or an escape room from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, but with everything included, you’ll be able to easily throw a fun activity the kids will love!

What do you think of our treasure hunt for kids to play at home?

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