Child’s Birthday : Activities to Do

activities for kid's birthday

To satisfy and occupy kids at the time of a child’s birthday, it is necessary to plan several activities to be made as well as animations. Indeed, there are several types of activities, but they must be chosen according to the age of the children. However, whatever the age, the children’s treasure hunt is one of the favourite activities.

Organizing a treasure hunt for a child’s birthday

For a child’s birthday if the children are already old enough, the child treasure hunt can be very interesting. As one of the children’s favourite activities, it has the advantage of being both fun and educational. It appeals to the children’s intelligence while allowing them to have fun at the same time.

To allow children to take full advantage of it, it is recommended to find a theme for the treasure hunt. Indeed, the game must be organized around a very precise theme that will serve as a basis for the decoration, the course as well as the riddles. It is also necessary to prepare a map to indicate the route to the participants. It is also necessary to find a little story that will serve as an introduction to the game.

The story must be related to the theme so that the children understand the rules of the game. Puzzles adapted to the age of the children must also be prepared. These can be small riddles or a word game. It is also important to prepare small physical challenges for the children to have fun. In addition, the hiding places of the objects must be well chosen to spice up the game. Finally, the treasure must live up to the participants’ expectations.

how to organize a scavanger hunt

Activities for the little ones

The children’s treasure hunt can be adapted for toddlers. If your child is still under 5 years of age, you should choose less intense activities, because you get tired quickly at this age. Although children of this age never seem to rest, they don’t really know how to channel their energy.

Also, the more intense the activities, the more active they will be. It is therefore necessary to plan calm activities adapted to their age. You can tell them a little story or organize small games adapted to their age such as the musical chair. At this age, children also love to play hide-and-seek. It is preferable to organize the party over half a day to allow them to rest.

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