Treasure hunt for children : an activity they will always enjoy!

scavenger hunt for kids

Are you looking for an original and fun solution to easily organize a birthday party? Maybe a treasure hunt for children is THE solution for you! is an original concept of games for the birthday of children from 4 to 10 years old. Indeed, in each kit to be printed, with the themed treasure hunt, you will find group games, mini-games and diplomas. You also have the possibility to print themed birthday invitations for boys and girls.

A treasure hunt for children: an activity that children always enjoy

Many choices are always available to you for the organization of a birthday party. However, organizing a children’s treasure hunt is one of the best ways to entertain a small group of friends who have come to celebrate your child’s birthday!

scavenger hunt for kids

Our kits are complete supports for a birthday party. Each treasure hunt kit includes :

  • A Story
  • An organizer’s guide (rules of the game) + table of clues
  • 2 models of birthday invitations (boy and girl)
  • Fun group games (often co-operative) for birthdays and snacks
  • 10 Clues that allow you to progress through the story.
  • 3/4 mini-games (e.g. mazes, manual activities, puzzles, etc…)
  • Diplomas for boys and girls
printable pirates treasure hunt

How to organize a treasure hunt for children with the soul of a child?

Our printable kits all contain an organizing guide that will allow you to prepare the treasure hunt in 20 minutes. So all you have to do is cut out the clues and hide them in the places indicated on the clue chart. An extra column allows you to add the precise location of the hiding place.

If you prepare the scavenger hunt in advance, or if you lose track of the search, this table will ensure you a smooth organization. The game time is 45 to 60 minutes+ depending on the number of participants.

Simple equipment may be needed for some games such as scissors, glue, tape, ribbon, scotch tape… There are also two categories of games, 4/6 years old and 7/10 years old. In addition, most of our children’s treasure hunts are mixed. Each participant will receive a boy or girl diploma already included in the kit to be printed.

Order & download

Our products are also available as soon as the order is validated on the confirmed purchase page. However, you will also be able to recover your download upon receipt of the confirmation email, or on your PrintableAdventureGames user account!

print and play princess themed treasure hunt

The files can be downloaded in PDF format and are to be printed. However, you will be able to save your purchase on a PC, tablet or smartphone. All our games are unlimited downloadable.

Finally, if you like our concept do not hesitate to consult our questions-answers page for more information: So see you soon on !

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treasure hunt for kids in french

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