How to awaken children to music?

get a child to like music

Is music a big part of your daily life? Do you want to share this passion with your children? That’s wonderful, because music plays an important role in their development. In addition to bringing joy and relaxation, music improves language and communication skills. So get out your instruments, vinyl records, CDs or favorite playlists and discover our 5 tips for awakening children to music!

Listen to music with your children

At home or in the car, turn on the radio and listen to music with your child, from a very young age. This may seem trivial, but it will sharpen their musical ear.
And don’t hesitate to try all styles: French and international songs, pop, blues, jazz, rock, classical music and even traditional music. This way, you’ll find the style they like the most. Of course, adjust the volume to protect their young ears!

To awaken them even further, you can ask them to draw what they feel or imagine when hearing a song. This will help develop their listening and communication skills.

Introduce them to musical instruments

Musical toys or toy instruments like guitars, keyboards or even drums help to awaken a child’s musical curiosity and creativity. And if you have an old instrument hidden in your house, dust it off and give your child free access to it. That way, you can cultivate their interest in music.

And why end it there? Whether it’s the piano or guitar, learn to play an instrument together and share your passion for music!

Singing with your child to awaken them to music

Humming lullabies has always been a good technique to calm a child and help them fall asleep. When you start from a very young age, you’ll get your child used to music and singing, making them grow up with musical curiosity.

As they grow up, don’t hesitate to sing with them and help them discover new songs. Music can also be a great way to occupy your children on the road to vacation! Laughter and singalongs are a must!

Dancing with your child promotes musical awareness

Listen to music while expending energy by dancing. In addition to having fun, this helps children develop their motor skills and rhythm.

Dancing with your child helps them build confidence in their movements and is a good way to get them to appreciate music.

Offer concerts and musical outings

To help awaken your children to music, try taking them to a concert or musical. You can also stop when you see a talented street singer, and why not go to restaurants where bands and singers perform?

For the little ones, don’t hesitate to look out for musical events in your area. There are likely some intended just for children.

This way, your children will discover all facets of music, which will sharpen their musical curiosity. But also allow them the freedom to discover their own musical tastes!

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