Logic Puzzle Types in a Scavenger Hunt

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A treasure hunt is a hobby that all children love. During this quest, they discover the adventurer in them. But what logic puzzles types can be used on a treasure hunt? They do their best to outdo each other and come out on top in this adventure.

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Logical Puzzles to introduce to the Scavenger Hunt

To do so, they must be dynamic, rigorous, perceptive and efficient, without forgetting the spirit of cohesion, because they must form a team with other children. To spice up this adventure, the organizer (often the parents) creates riddles and the answers will serve as clues to the treasure.

The puzzles for a Scavenger Hunt

If the participants are children under 10 years old, logic puzzle types are particularly interesting. To do this puzzle, you can draw a treasure map with the different markers and then cut it out like a puzzle. The pieces of the map are then stored in a hiding place waiting for the player to find them and decipher the puzzle.

The Rebus Puzzle

If the children participating in the treasure hunt are between 10 and 14 years old, choosing the rebus riddle to communicate a clue is an excellent alternative. This type of puzzle requires intelligence, as it involves interpreting several drawings to find the hidden word or phrase (the clue). Rebus puzzles are easy to find, as there are many sites that offer them. Another alternative is to buy a treasure hunt kit from a well known site like amedenfant.fr and exploit its contents to find the best rebus ideas and many others.

The charade riddle

The charade is also an interesting idea for a treasure hunt puzzle. It also teaches children to think better and boosts their intelligence at the same time. The charade is easy to recognize, as it always follows the same structure (My first…, my second…, my third, etc.). In a treasure hunt kit, you will find a wide selection of charades that you can exploit.

The riddle

This type of riddle is intended for older children. As the name suggests, it invites participants to guess something and the answer helps decipher the clue. The advantage of a riddle is that it boosts children’s intellectual capacities while preserving the fun aspect of the quest.

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