Entertain your child’s birthday party with a treasure hunt

create a treasure hunt for a child's birthday party

A child’s birthday party is always a special moment. And despite often busy schedules, we still like to take the time to prepare the most beautiful party for them. Between the ages of 4 and 10, children have a highly developed imagination. They have heroes and often identify with them, whether in films or cartoons. We therefore wanted to find solutions for parents who are wondering how to organise a birthday party on a popular theme. Our treasure hunt kits provide the most complete answer to this question. Indeed, our games are “turnkey” animation kits, where all you have to do is follow the guide and impress the small group present on the day of the party!

For a successful birthday party!

Our treasure hunt kits contain all the necessary elements for a successful child’s birthday party:

  • A Story
  • An organizer’s guide (rules of the game) + table of clues
  • 2 models of birthday invitations (boy and girl)
  • Fun group games (often co-operative) for birthdays and snacks
  • Clues (8 to hide and 2 to give) that allow you to move forward through the story.
  • 2 mini-games (e.g. mazes, manual activities, puzzles, etc…)
  • Diplomas for boys and girls
printable princess scavanger hunt
print and play princess themed treasure hunt

The preparation time is 20 to 30 minutes. This includes cutting out the clues, hiding the clues according to the table provided in the kit to be printed, and reading the quick guide. The mini-games and group activities for the group are also annotated on the clues. This allows you to know when to offer them to the children. In addition, all the games included in the treasure hunt kit remain within the theme, and are fun and clever.

Children’s favourite themes highlighted

Indeed, you will find in our shop “print treasure hunt” several themes for a birthday party. There are “boy” and “girl” themes, but also mixed themes. These themes are selected by child’s soul according to the current trends, in order to always be in accordance with children’s tastes. However, there are still the unmistakable ones, such as pirates, knights, princess, fairies, etc…

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